Horizon Masonry has completed several projects in the past year. Listed below are some of the projects that were completed as well as the General Contractor’s we worked with on each project:

Fabulous Freddys Car Wash – Sandy

G.C. – Ascent Construction (Brent Malan) 801-335-5240

Marshalls - Station Park Farmington, UT

G.C. – ESI (Dominic Barresi) 208-362-3040

Gordmans – Station Park Farmington, UT

G.C. – JL Hardy Const. (Barton) 801-975-0222

Stansbury Park Water Treatment Facility

G.C. – Absolute Constructors (Fraser Macphee) 801-748-2256

Vriens Truck Parts

G.C. – Midgley Construction (Brian Midgley) 801-255-6831

Progressive Direct Printing – W. Valley UT

G.C. – KNP Construction (Lance Saxton) 801-260-0553

Gordmans – American Fork, UT

G.C. – AOI Construction (Mike Fritzinger) 402-896-5520

Buffalo Wild Wings – Layton and Midvale, UT

G.C. – KNP Construction (Lance Saxton) 801-260-0553

Petes Diesel – Salt Lake City, UT

G.C. – Barco Construction (Marty) 801-768-9016

Additional References

Menlove Construction (Mike Menlove) 801-280-3000
Amcor Masonry Products (Darin) 801-330-2546
R&O Construction (Jeff Herrick) 801-627-1403
Stout Building Contractors (James Stout) 801-296-2150
Buehner Block (Kirk Jones) 801-467-5456
Keller Contruction (Todd Smith) 801-972-1018
Nelson Bros. Construction (Lee Redd) 801-487-5401
City Creek Construction (Steve Beyer) 801-397-2606
Steed Construction (Gordon Timmons) 801-837-8047
Interstate Brick (Jason Robbins) 801-940-2943

We have completed many more projects in 2017, and in the past fifteen years. We typically run 3-4 crews and 20-30 people. We own and utilize Hydraulic and crank up scaffolding. We own 5 reach forklifts and specialize in medium to large commercial and industrial projects. Horizon Masonry also has an excellent safety record with no serious accidents ever!