Safety Program

Safety control is established to protect each and every one of our selves, our employees, and our co-workers. Supervisors will be required to give individual safety instruction and orders, as needed to new workers and those found to be working unsafely.

A copy of the shop and the work rules will be given to each employee to ensure that the rules are Known and followed.

Safety Responsibilities

The Job Foreman will assume the responsibility for the safety program and will see to it that the program remains successful. He/She will also provide active support and participation. He/She shall maintain safe working conditions, vehicles, equipment, and operations. He/She shall make all necessary authorizations of expenditures for safety items based upon safety laws, ordinances or recommendations of safety committees and concerned employees. He/She shall be in attendance at all safety meetings. He/She shall be familiar with the major hazards of the overall operation.

The job Foreman shall coordinate safety inspections, will inspect equipment, machinery, and scaffolding or working areas, shall maintain all accident records and complete any and all required OSHA and Workers Compensation forms. The job Foreman shall train new employees on how to do their job safely. He/She will keep upper management updated on all safety issues.

Work Rules

Proper attire will be worn by all employees. This includes sturdy work boots and clothing. Hard hats will be worn by all employees at all times. Employees must wear safety glasses when required. Employees at no time shall use or be under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or any other mind altering substances.